Recorrido Huasteca-Diente

Reseña escrita por: Franz Liebermann
Fecha: 4 y 5 de febrero de 2017

It’s my pleasure to tell you about this amazing trip we had on the first weekend of February. I hope you are all comfortable in English because my Spanish is not that fluent. Well not yet, I do practice a lot in hiking with my friends from Trepacerros.

For this weekend there was an extra-long Trip planned, because of holiday on Monday we could go for a 3 Day hike starting on Saturday. The Tour can be split in two parts first is a two day hike starting in the backcountry of La Huasteca walking over to “Parque Nacional Cumbres de Monterrey” this was only possible by taking all our food, tents and hiking equipment with us. The second part was the more relaxing one of camping in a lovely place in La Huasteca called Palm Beach Guitarritas.

We started on Saturday pretty early at La Huasteca but not after we had a proper breakfast because there was a little bit of walking ahead of us. For this first part we were only in a group of four who after this trip we were called “The Warriors”.

The walking through a canyon took as in about 6 to 7 hours up to a very lovely place between two summits we marched at that time about 1000 meters in heights and 15 kilometers in length. We mainly walked up a dry river the level of difficulty wasn’t to high but sometimes it gets pretty tricky in the bushes. Arrived at our camp ground we had this amazing view into two valleys each on one side. I can tell you the night up there was just awesome. I didn’t caught much sleep in my sleeping back next to the campfire, but the more shooting stars I’ve counted.Starting early inthe morning we went downwards on the other side of this peak we were staying at. After a couple of meters we had the possibility of a dip in a natural pool, kind of freezing but u felt like new born afterwards. The level of difficulty rose strongly with the steepness we had to walk downwards. At the end of this section it get so steep that our only way out was by rappel from over 20 meters. The final party was pretty rocky along a small flow. The final rappel down a waterfall from the height of about 27 meters was an amazing feeling and for sure you got socked from cold water.After coming out of the canyon we had this indescribable view on “el diente“ called like this because it looks like a tooth as well as the view on one of the biggest caves I probably have ever seen in my life. Actually not a lot of people can share this view because at that time we entered a part of the national park you could only reach by coming more or less from behind.This second day costs us a lot of energy. Luckily we have such good friends who picked us up at the entrance of the national park and gave us some very tasty food.

After a short break in society we went back to La Huasteca for our second night in Nature. We spend the night at the campfire and enjoyed very good company. In the morning it took a little longer to get out of bed. For this very hot day we choose just a very short and easy hike, which took us without any pathway through the bushes to this amazing few.Thanks so much to the lovely people I could share this weekend with I had heaps of fun buy doing the stuff that I love so much, challenging myself and enjoying nature.


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